Samstag, 14. November 2009

what is more fun than ...

... a packet arriving with nice stuff for the dollshouse in it?

I disliked this stairrail since I had this house, but I had no idea for a change. today I had the currage to cut it off and give the room a kind of new wall, where a shelve can hang. In this small rooms not so bad. I wanted to show you the bar with the matching stools, but I like the way it stands before the wall as a simple sink-unit too.
I cutted the tabletop of the blue table with my saw, it was a piece of plexi my son gave me. Do you like the legs from my toolsbox?


  1. Very clever legs on that table! Blue plexiglass... another wonderful idea!
    Love the leather on the chair too!
    Your sink is perfect! Did you make that??

  2. Oh no, kathi! I didn't make the sink. It's part of the actual lundby-kitchen you can purchase on ebay or in online-shops. it is expEnsive, but worth it, don't you think so?

  3. I love the "legs" a great idea, they go so well with the whole modern design. :)

  4. Love the blue plexiglass table, I have also used screws for legs on some of my furniture :-)
    The new Lundby kitchen looks great!

  5. thank you pubdoll, now I'm aware of the name screws - I missed it.
    Nice you like my kitchen. By the way - am I right that you never showed us Noras kitchen? I cannot remember to have seen it. What's the matter with Nora's kitchen? Is she such a bad housewife? I cannot imagine this.
    Have a nice sunday evening! I was so lazy, this was wonderful after a hard-working week.

  6. Do you mean the skrew legs of that table? Its such a good idea, I've used some for a small coffee table !
    How did you make this leather chair- Its the best!
    Best Regards