Sonntag, 29. November 2009

Brandy Playter

Doreen ( introduced her new dog Brandy as a Maltese and now she found out, that Brandy is no Maltese, but a Shinh tzu. I googled about Shinh tzu and found out, that it will have very long hair as a grown-up and I realized, that I had such a dog in my pets-collection as well as a white Maltese.
This coincident makes me (smile and) think of a nice way to present the two and I decided to show you a current german womens-lifestyle-magazin that shows christmas-presents in a wonderful decoration: with a lot of dollhouse-minis in the modern style.
I think you all should see this. Have fun!


  1. Thank you for sharing that. I think that Brandy is a cross between the two but we will have to see as she grows up. That is such a nice way to show the dogs. It shows everything at once - the two types of dogs, modern furniture and miniatures all together!! That is a great magazine and I love the way they use the miniatures in their pictures. Imagine you having my dog in miniature (both of them)

  2. Hi Doreen,
    nice you like it. Now I am very curious how Brandy turns out. She is so sweet.

  3. Hallo Oese, die Fotos finde ich ganz klasse! Welche Zeitschrift ist das? Ich mußte ein bißchen über die Rassefrage lachen - ich würde sagen Dein kleiner weißer Hund ist ein Westhighlandterrier - ist schon verrückt wieviele Hunderassen es gibt...

  4. Oh Mann, mit Hunderassen kenne ich mich gar nicht aus....
    Es ist die Brigitte! Originelle Idee, nicht?
    Dir eine schöne Adventszeit.

  5. What a fun coincidence with the dogs! A great way to display them as well, it was fun for me to see some familiar red items there :-) Thank you for sharing Oese!

  6. Hi Pubdoll, nice you like it!
    Yes, there is another coincidence with the matching colours. This green is really good for living-rooms, I like it in my reallife-flat too.
    Hope you have not so much work in this time and can rest a bit.

  7. Thank you Oese! The last week has been even more hectic than the others and I worked 10 hours yesteday as well, but my girl got the swineflu on Friday, so now I'm forced to take it easier! (Luckily she's much better already!)

  8. Oh armes Ding! Sag ihr einen lieben "Gute-Besserung-Gruß" von der Frau aus Deutschland, die ihre Phantasie (the hands are coming!) zu schätzen weiß. Sie soll die Tage mit Mama zu Hause genießen und Du kannst es hoffentlich auch!