Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010

The collector


  1. Hi Oese! I love this post! I don't know if you accept blogger awards, but I've passed the Sunshine Award to you. Enjoy!

  2. I love these rooms :-) Elephants downstairs - and the sideboard from blocks looks so like an elephant's legs! And upstairs, a great workspace and display area for dolls houses and other miniature models - when can I move in? ;-)

    (And the wall (? not sure what you it) on the upper level is great - I love how you can see through it, so there's still a sense of space.)

  3. Rebecca, I was sure you would like both collections, elephants and miniminihouses. Yes, I would like to move in such a loft too. You're welcome.
    I don't know what you mean with the wall on the upper level. the walls are the same in both levels. It is a plastic-box by IKEA named Lekman. On one wall I used a Scrapbook-paper with light pink flowers. In my behind the scenes folder on flickr you can see more of this box and how I use it.
    Regards from Germany

  4. Kathi, I'm glad and proud to receive this award, of course. I want to thank you very much again.
    I am in contact with so many wonderful persons in this blogger-world and we share so much - I hope you accept, that this is enough for me and I don't want to give something to a person because of following rules.
    Regards from Germany - be blessed

  5. hallo oese,
    ich glaube, rebecca meint die abgeschnittene klarsichthülle des geländers.
    hi rebecca, i think you mean the clear plastic folder, right?

  6. I meant the half wall along the outside edge of the mezzanine level (so no-one falls off!) I still can't think what I'd call it - a railing, maybe?
    Is it a clear plastic folder? How ingenious!

  7. Thank maggi it's clear now. I have no idea what's the name in german ;-)
    yes, it's clear plastic folder.

  8. Brüstung came to my mind, that's parapet or grab.
    But I'm not so happy with it.

  9. Oese, there is an award over at my blog for you.


  10. Thank you so much, MiniMaker, it is really true, that very often the miniatures, the blogging and most of all the blogger-friends brings sunshine into my life!