Freitag, 12. Februar 2010

the hallway


  1. Very nice, a hall with a view! I love the colours, when I saw the first photo as a thumbnail picture I thought it was from the Kaleidoscope house because of the warm colours.
    I like that you fastend the telephone to the wall and the little sun over the sideboard.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful! I love the warm tones inside, and the view through the window! And I know that picture so well, but can't remember the name of the artist! Who was it? I especially love the bottom photo where the picture and the flowers are reflected in the mirror :-) (And the phone! just all of it, really :-) )

  3. a friendly hello to all the continents you all live and thank you so much for your nice comments.
    It is a very realistic scene I think, even though I never saw a real hallway with a Franz Marc-picture!
    I only saw his nice paintings in museums. He is born in Germany and died in France. I don't like him so much as Nolde or van Gogh, but he is a great european artist of course!

  4. It does look very realistic - really nice collection which has photographed very well.