Samstag, 17. April 2010

at night

I couldn't sleep this night and played around with my wooden blocks. Of course the lighting is very bad at night and I don't wanted to illume the whole room (that works!), so I shot a few pics and edited them. I hope it's useful for some of you who aren't familiar with editing their fotos.
I know that a real fotographer don't like editing like this, but for me it's okay!

original foto ...................lighten

cutting ........................angle

sharpening ..................highlights

color temperatur.............. ready


  1. I love this painting, and the way the furniture and ornaments you've chosen reflect the colours and shapes in it. That rich purple is wonderful!
    Thanks for showing how you edit the photos - I have only tried doing that when the picture is too bright from the flash. I might play around a bit more now - though my image editor is very basic, I don't think I can remove blemishes as you did in the photo on flickr. Very useful!

  2. Hi Rebecca, it's a wonderful painting, isn't it? It was in my weekly tv-magazin (10 faults in the second picture) and I allways look at first to this side, if the painting is good for me or not.
    I don't use the purple furniture very often, because I think they must be very uncomfortable, but in this scene they was a must.
    Nice you had help from my editing-tutorial, sorry it's in german. I'm so happy with the picasa-software, it's free and so easy.
    Good luck with your fotos.