Montag, 19. April 2010

yellow ?

my printer only produced this wallpaper in yellow. so I have new yellow furniture!
I have two wooden eyeglass-cases, but I don't use them very often, here you can see them as a tv-wall-unit with a vintage game-board.
the "art" in the corner is .... ???


  1. The art in the corner is fantastic, and I think I recognize it as something I have too: a red coral necklace. I love how you do that Oese!
    I love the wallpaper.

  2. Hej Josje, you're good in riddles!
    I think I should go to a shop where I can print the wallpaper in the colours I wanted them to look like, I don't want to spent so much money for a new ink!
    Thanks for your comment and have a nice day and week!

  3. Oese, you have so much fun and we have so much enjoyment!!
    Jenny Mi at
    has some old Lundby wallpaper on her site that you might enjoy playing with also. Flo

  4. I thought it was a neclace because I had one just lke it many years ago.

  5. El arte no solo esta en la esquina, toda la escena es arte.
    un abrazo

    The art not only this in the corner, the whole scene is an art.
    An embrace

  6. Hi Florine, the wallpapers are saved, thank you very much! I looked at my old childhood fotos and there were so nice wallpapers in the background, but I never found them online. That is strange, I don't understand. But we know how to help each other....
    Doreen, so we all have or had such a necklace, they were very up-to-date for a while I think. Mine is from a fleamarket.
    Contar, muchas gracias - I like your comments!

  7. Oese, the wallpaper looks great. It looks like it has a lot of texture, is it printed on fabric or paper? As always, beautiful room!


  9. Hi Mini Dork, the paper is an ordinary sheet of paper, the reason for the texture-effect is the missing ink in my printer ;-). Thanks for your nice comment.

    magfs, nice to see your flickr-fotos, you've some items that are exactly the same than mine, that's funny. hope to see more from you!