Dienstag, 31. August 2010

My birthday gift!

Sweet katimus came to a short visit with her bf (allthoug my party is on saturday and he was so ill) to give me my birthday-present. It was for a long time on my wishlist on this site and my regardful daughter (able to make orders via internet:-) purchased it for me.
Most of you will know it, it's the bedroom of the Stockholm house.

Did you notice this chair? I made it from polymer clay - the soft version, drying in the air. I just put it around a ball and cutted it out. It was so easy. I'm not sure wether I should paint it or try to make cloth around. But I'll sand it a bit more.


  1. Hallo Petra
    Many Happy Returns of wonderfull Birthdays, such as today. You are not on skype! Why?
    what a lovely bithday present! Mine is smaller and a bit later on the way!
    Lots of Love

  2. Happy, happy birthday to you, to you.
    Happy, happy birthday to you, to you!
    You're good to grow,
    So light the candles and blow!
    Happy, happy birthday to you, to you TO YOU!!!

  3. Oh, Skype! I forgot! Thanks a lot, I'm in Skype now, hope it's not too late for you.

  4. Wow Carol, I didn't know that your so good in singing too.
    Thank you very much, and hugs from Germany!

  5. Happy birthday Petra! Great gift from your daughter. Love the room and especially the chair. Fab idea! May have to steel that from you one day ;)

  6. Hey Hey Happy birdy, If you cover the chair not much sanding is needed, too much dust when sanding. Thanks for showing us how.

  7. Josje, thank you so much. I'm honored, when you once will steel my idea - I like that! (In fact I'm steeling a lot from other blogs)
    Studio SWS, thank you too. I plan to make more of this chairs for a hairsalon (a pity that I have only one of these sviwel-bases, but I hope to get an idea too). Than I can try to cover it and to paint it, both. I think to try out a paint that looks like leather or plastic will be fun too, no idea yet how to manage that.
    greetings to downunder!

  8. I love that chair and what a fabulous birthday present! Watching you make that chair really kicked my butt on starting some of the things that have been lurking at the back of my mind.

  9. Hi Sans, it would be great to see your creating. I'm looking forward.
    It's good to have a few days off even after my long break in summer. I've allways enough to do. Hope you are well, all the best for you!

  10. ¡Feliz cumpleaños! Los regalos son una maravilla y además al ser de tu hija se multiplica.
    Besos Clara