Samstag, 9. Oktober 2010

Ich bin traurig - I'm sad

Es läuft im Moment alles nicht so richtig rund.
Die Sehnsucht nach Harmonie - wie in diesem Zimmer - ist da, aber die Harmonie (noch?) nicht.
Es gibt halt Aufs und Abs, ganz normal.
 It's not everything fine right now. I wish there were more harmony like in this room in my life, but there isn't. These are the ups and downs in life.

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  1. Wish for more harmony in your life for you!
    Love, Susanne

  2. Denk´ an dich, auch wenn ich so still bin... und Harmony kann man eben so wie Glück nicht zwingen, aber manchmal findet man beides in kleinen Momenten.

    GglG, Nicola

  3. Dear Susanne, thank you very much for your warm words.
    Ja, Püppilottchen, zwingen kann mans nicht, wie wahr. Und die kleinen Momente die finden wir schon. Ich denke auch an dich, auch still.

  4. Die Harmonie kommt wieder. Gut das du wieder was zeigst!
    Alles Liebe

  5. I'm so sorry for your sadness. Take a deep breath, a walk outside and remember there are friends who love you. I find inspiration here everyday. Come on over and see what I did with my dollhouse today! Some may think I'm crazy, but I think you will understand. :D

  6. Hi Neomi and Kathi, thank you - and I'll go to bed now. Bye untill tomorrow.

  7. Petra, just pop in to say hi . You have done a wonderful room :).

    Ups and downs make for a full life, maybe not always happy but always an opportunity to grow and to remember when we are happy again, how to cherish the happiness :). I am old now so I can talk like this :). Ignore me if you find all this too cliche :).

  8. haha Sans, I am old too and I talk like this when there are others sad.
    I only wanted to share my feelings, that helps me and my throat. I'm sure like you all there will be better times soon.
    Thank you very much!