Montag, 29. November 2010


Im Supermarkt habe ich diese Werbung für Kinder-Karate gefunden, die Farbgebung inspirierte mich zu einer schnell-gemachten Szene in diesen monochromen Tönen. Es liegt Schnee bei uns, alles ist weiß-grau, wieder so früh. Ob wir wohl wieder so einen langen harten Winter wie im letzten Jahr bekommen?
Okay, I just overheared Modern MC and Pubdoll, that dolls are much more fun. Meanwhile, very slowly, this credo takes room in my head and feels confident. I think I'd be less lonely with them, what do you think? Now I just ordered a doll-couple (in my age), they will be able to handle these baggage.


  1. There is so much I love in this post! First the karate poster, very nice!, how you removed the roof and first floor from the mini playmobile house, it looks much more modern this way and the last photo with the dolls is fantastic! Especially the little girl on the left up in the air, behind her mother's (?) back! You know of course that I think dolls are fun, and that they sometimes becomes almost like real (tiny) people, I hope you will have just as much fun with your new ones as I have with my old and I hope to meet them soon! :-)
    We have also a little bit of snow here, and not much colours, so I like the monochrome colour scheme, but also the small splashes of red in the last photo, a very nicely balanced scene in so many ways!

  2. I totally love dolls! They are therapeutic too. I think that's why children are happy because they have their dolls. I know I am because I still play with them :). Doing things for them makes me happy :).

    By the way, I don't mean to nit pick but that picture for the karate ad is not very accurate :). It's more kung fu (chinese) than Karate (Japanese) because of the bamboo pole. Karate is a form of martial art where you just use your hands and feet. In fact, the literal translation of karate in Mandarin means "empty handed way." :):) But I do love your room :).

  3. Helene, you are so kind and you praise me too much. It was a quickly done scene. (But I know that these are often the best ones instead of some with a lot of hard work - tell me why?)

    Sans, it is so funny what you wrote about the karatekungfujapanesechinesestuff. I think nobody is aware of this, who loves these asian-style. okay, there maybe some people who know these differences exactly, but most of them mixed and think like the person who makes this advertise: who cares, who knows.
    okay, I liked the colours and to bring joy to you and Helene is enough to say thank you to the postcard that inspires it all.
    Many thanks for your information by the way XOXO

  4. Oese, I love your new dolls, ahem, little people! I am another who is finding that the people do make the houses more lively and have their own stories to tell! I love the monochrome... but most with the dash of red! I love color the best!

  5. Hi Daydreamer, these dolls are not new, but they "lived" in a drawer mostly - because I felt better without them. That changed and I'm happy about it. Thanks for your nice comment and I hope you'll enjoy my new dolls too.