Samstag, 4. Dezember 2010

What's the matter here?

May I introduce to you: Gray! I watched a  movie some days ago where a girl was named Gray and I liked this name. I like grey hair and this lady has grey hair. She is very agile and can't stop moving, even on my shelves. For the sports she wears the clothes of Greta. Tzzz.
Gray wanted a green kitchen and there was a green kitchen for her, so we decided to put some spots in. We were lucky the old vintage lamp 1:10 has the same dots as the new lundby bowls that came with the chairs (and also the tv on the wall). It's the first time with a tv in the kitchen - it's a bit decadent, mmh? Okay.
But theres something else strange in there. Did you notice? Who is that on the stairs? A cat? A dog?
No, it's a little goat, a baby-goat indeed. What makes this goat in here?
And have a peep in the next room (wich isn't finished yet) with the doorframe (omg, so much work):
This must be the mother goat on the good sofa. What's the matter here?


  1. LOVE the little goat! You are so funny! Made me smile this morning. Thank you!

  2. Hi Kathi, this morning? Oh, now I realized how late it is in germany. So I have to stop internetting and do my housework.
    Have a nice weekend and lots of love

  3. Cute goat.. love the scenes! I hope the goat doesn't start chewing on your chairs!

  4. Ha ha! You are starting a new fashion in pets. C

  5. Gray look so cool in her sporting outfit! I love her name, (my suggestion wasn't a very serious one, I hope you got it :-))
    The new TV, dotted bowls (I saw them in the previous post) and chairs look great. I'm still waiting for my local toystore to get them. The chairs are a bit on the large side don't you think? (I have the old red ones and they're much bigger than the minimii swan chairs)
    And love the turquoise staircase!

  6. Hi Ann, I hope so! But I think they are well-educated. Thanks for your comment!
    C., nice I made you laughing!
    Pubdoll, you're right, the chairs are large. But more and more people are overweighted and the furniture-companies make bigger chairs for this reason. So lundby is very modern, mmh? Anyway, they are good for a hairsalon and was meant to be mainly there. In hairsalons are different sizes of chairs really okay.
    Oh, it must be wonderful to buy lundby in a local toystore. That's impossible in my area, only in very big towns I guess, but I'm not sure.
    Nice you like my straw-staircase!

  7. My goodness, they are straws? I didn't think they were until you mentioned it. You are seriously funny! Goat as pets? Only for eccentric lady like Gray. She is very pretty though and can get away with murder, I guess.

    I am sore all over from a very long run over the weekend . How I wish I am lying down on an oversized sofa :). Your house has definitely come alive with Gray and Goat :)

  8. - what is this goat doing in here. "makes" ist ganz furchtbar denglisch.
    - have a peek