Montag, 15. Februar 2010

Shrove Monday

This is little Petra with 3 1/3 years on Shrove Monday!

We lived in neighbourhood with a family with 4 children, who was very unusual. The father was gone, the mother was unemployed and the children were allowed to do so many things that are forbidden for us. It was just a paradise for us. I remember we jumped into the mother's bed from the top of the wardrobe! What fun.
On Shrove-Monday she gave a party for all the children who lived in the house, this was unusual too, because she had to move some of her furniture. She was crazy, but kind!

Obviously my little katimus as little red riding hood had not so much fun on her carnival-party in the kindergarten 1988. I guess she was afraid that someone would take her bottle of wine in her basket.

I stay at home this week, I have much trouble with my employers. They don't want to allow me to work less hours a week and ignore my medical attestations since month. So my doctor told me to stay at home for half the day, but they don't allow this because of the insurance - it is so very german!
The good news is, that I visited some more doctors because of my disorder with hearing and attention/concentration/perception and finally one of them had a diagnosis and medical treatment. I will try this, allthough it is not without risks.
Meanwhile I enjoy my childhood memories, my fat doll and I hope to be able to show you some more mini-scenes soon.
Have a great carnival you all!

Update: I found some more pics of carnival in my childhood: another party in the flat of our neighbours. the furniture of the kitchen was moved for us, so that we could enjoy our waffles all together.
when I grew older, I like to make up my face on karnival....


  1. I love the wallpaper! and the radio too. Are you the little girl on the first picture?
    It was a good idea, this party, and all the children seem to appreciate.
    Take care of you this week , I hope it will help you

  2. good morning bea, nice you like our party. yes, I am the girl on the first pic. perhaps I was a fly agaric? white points on a red dress? I have forgotten. but you can see, that the points of wad are not in order - typical me.
    to stay at home is not what is helping me. I have no problems in my flat, because it isn't loud, so I feel bad because I could work and my workmates have to do my work, because I feel disabled and there is too much thinking in my head. to work fulltime or to be ill? it is a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.

  3. may be you could work from home? did you ask, if it would be possible?

  4. don't take my booooze! *laughs* not sure why i was so upset. other children having fun, being loud and playful usually made me shrink into myself.

  5. tja, ich hatte das offensichtlich als kind noch nicht, diese karnevalsfete war sicherlich sehr laut. bei mir fing es erst mit 40 an, vielleicht hört es bei dir ja mit 40 auf?

  6. What a little sweetheart you were...and what a fun looking party! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures of childhood!
    I hope your new treatment and time away from the office helps you to feel better quickly!

  7. thank you, Florine! I'm sure you was a little sweetheart too. It's fun to share this fotos and I'm surprised how good the quality is, when I fotographed them with my cheap camera. Much better than a high-quality-scan. So learning by doing is a good thing, now I make digital-fotos of all my childhood fotos to keep them away from dust and breaking (some look very damaged meanwhile).
    I'll show you some more soon.

  8. What wonderful phots and what lovely memories. Ahh 3 1/2 year old Petra was a little sweetheart. I am so sorry you are having these problems with your employers. It would so much better if they would listen to your doctors and allow you to do part time work. That is so much better than you not being there at all. Stay well my friend and these problems will soon be behind you.

  9. Hello Doreen, I'm glad you think so, and I also hope, that this trouble is soon behind me. I will tell you.
    Thank you all for your caring.

  10. Too bad you have to choose between full time or not work at all! I sometimes (not often) go an hour earlier home from work when I'm sick instead of being away the whole day. I think it's better for both my firm and for me. I hope you and your employers find a solution soon!

    So nice to see the childhood pictures of you on Carnival with the other children. You look so sweet! And like Bea, I love the wallpaper on the second photo!

  11. Hi Pubdoll, the wallpaper is cool, I agree!
    I hope to find a good solution too.

  12. Oh, Oese, I am sorry to hear of your challenges at work. It can be so stressful. I do hope it all works out, and soon! I love your little time machine of photos -- what a little cutie pie you were (and still are)!

  13. You were adorable at 3 1/2. That is how old my little granddaughter is right now so I think of you as she plays. Thank heavens for the "crazy" people in our lives who make it interesting!

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. We call that being "under the weather". Hope you get relief soon. CM

  14. thank you callsmall and CM, thank you for your nice comment and nice wishes.
    CM, it's definitely not beeing under the weather, but I could start a new blog for this theme and perhaps I will do!
    And I agree, the crazy people makes the life so interesting!

  15. Hi Oese, I've been thinking good things for you. I lost my job about a year ago and didn't know what would happen. I found that a higher power had another job for me to do and I am now done with that job. Now I don't know what is next so I sit quiet and wait for guidance. I wish only good things for you. I really enjoyed this post. What a treasure you have in the old photos.

  16. Hi Oese,
    I hope you feel better soon and you are able to find a solution that works well for you!
    Take very good care of yourself
    I love the pictures, you were so cute :-)
    Its great to have such lovely memories of childhood! I enjoyed reading this :-) xx

  17. Dear Amy and Natalie,
    thank you so much. Today I finally got the medicine, I will try it for a month and then we will see, if my life will be better or if I have to find another way.
    Amy I'm sure that everything what happens is good for me, if I can see it or not. I trust in life! It's nice to have such lovely fellows all over the world.
    And I'm so happy you all enjoy my childhood pics. To show them was more a less-than-ideal-solution, because I had no carnival-scene and no ideas at the moment.....