Donnerstag, 15. April 2010

the golden ratio

This is the post in Mini Modern, where I saw first the use of building blocks in a dollshouse. It was very inspiring to me and I want you to show:

Often when I try to make furniture from matchboxes or other boxes or when I need a piece of paper for the flooring of my rooms I noticed, that the things go so well together in their size. Two matchboxes are good for one sofa (the green sofa in the last scene is from covered matchboxes), a sheet of paper is good for the floor in my conservatory and so on.
When I worked as a hairdresser I often read about the golden ratio and tried to find out how to cut the hair with the golden ratio. I wanted to get to the bottom of the beauty and I had very interesting talks with my clients and others about this.
Today I googled for some 1:1 designer cabinets, because I have some more designer-chairs now and most of the cabinets I have are vintage or just boxes or too ordinary. I found a cabinet I like and resolved to try to build it and if I would fail to give an order to "pinchofpepper" or Elisabeth from ELF. I took my praline-box (my very first cabinet), some building blocks, but only for a study and sketch, but then was so happy to realize, that one thing fits to the other. The building-blocks to the box and a tic-tac-box as well. Some "dingsbums" by ikea - and ready!
I didn't measure it, but it MUST be the golden ratio!

The sofa is from pinchofpepper, I think I missed to present it so far, it came with the bedroom and other nice gifts she sent me a while ago. :-)


  1. thank you so much, Florine!
    and thank you katimus, ich hoffe, ich vergesse es nicht wieder.....

  2. That's so interesting, I followed your link to Wikipedia. I certainly didn't understand the maths (my high school maths teachers would not be surprised!) but I did 'get' the diagrams.

    And I'm grateful to katimus for her 'translation ' of dingsbums :)

  3. Hi Norma, thanks for your comment! I wasn't aware, that there is so much maths in the wikipedia-artikle. I also look more at the diagramms and pictures than the numbers. You can get a feeling for the right proportions of a rectangle. I think most people have this feeling without knowing anything about the golden ratio. It is surely important for architects and other artists I think.

  4. Very creative. It is amazing what one can use to create the illusion.
    The credit card is one example of the golden mean in shape ratio

  5. Wow! Especially Wow! with the tic-tac box - that is brilliant. The upright cupboard is terrific too. And those thingamabobs from Ikea are very cool :-)

  6. Thank you all for your comments. I' m glad you like my "designer-furniture", it is so cheap! So good I purchased the building blocks in the beginning of my minimania.
    The idea was stolen from Modern MC, I'll never forget this!

  7. I love your work today Oese! Both your study of the golden ratio and the use of building blocks and the tic tac box. My favourite is the cabinet!
    All very inspiring!

  8. Thanks Pubdoll, I was wondering why I didn't discover the tictacs earlier...