Montag, 13. Dezember 2010


I was looking for some inspiration for the fireplace in my hut. I wanted it like a fireplace in the time of Heidi (about 1880-1900). I found the nice blog of  a Hungarian woman my tiny world: Dollhouse...
This and the blog Another gnome's cottage was the inspiration for my (I enjoy a bit different looking) fireplace.
When the gypsum is dry I will take my lighter again.:-)
Now I need a big black kettle with a string. To be honest I didn't understand how this fireplace worked, but I saw many fotographs of such a kitchen called black kitchen or smokey kitchen, and they obviously worked.

Hope you enjoy! By the way, I made the chair from the chair with the thick legs that comes with my Villa Eichhorn.

More kitchen-progress: FlickR


  1. I am a big fan of Bozse myself. You are too quick for me, Petra :).

  2. Oh Sans, Püppilottchen allways tells me the same. I'm sorry.
    But this is my way to express and the second aspect is to share with the world. So you've got all the time to read and look, when I am tired and give me some rest. Hope that's okay for you :-)

  3. Hehe , of course, Petra. I am just saying tat because before I can even sit down and think about what I can do for your hut, you have gone and done so many things :):). But anyway, I will still try something.

  4. Sans, that must be a missunderstood. I made nothing for the hut except the stove. All the other things I put in there were in my collection. All the tools in the post before are not made by me - I hope it's clear - sometimes I'm too quick even for me :-)

  5. It is wonderful. be sure to add smoke and soot stains like a real fireplace. Happy Holiday and the best of the New Year to you, dear Eyelet! F