Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2010

The carver

has a lot to do before christmas. Every year the people like to buy his wooden work as a christmas present. He make the three ape, which see, hear and say nothing. Today he liked a blue touch in his home and added a blue beadspread, towel and a dutch tile he got from a friend.
 After hours and hours and weeks of carving he has pretty much goodies for the christmas-market, where he will sell his work.

He enjoys the vist of a little girl who loves the wood and wanted to try to make some things of her own.

 The bed with an old fotograph in a frame. It shows a lot of old friends in a barbershop.
His goat is very sporting and wanted to see what's up in the hut.


  1. Hi Oese. I really like this great idea of yours. Everything looks so vintage and has that old time feel to it. I'm afraid to try it because I just might burn my house down. Love the goat. Hope your Holiday Season is joyfull and full of tiny treasures.

  2. Hi Oese! I really like your Woodcarver's hut! That kettle is very realistic and I really like the lantern too! His goat is a good friend to visit him! His carving is quite fancy!

  3. Your new heading is beautiful, everything looks like they belong there and have found its perfect place!

  4. The carver has been busy indeed! Love the pictures and the scene. I'm glad the goat makes an appearance!

  5. Hello you all! Nice you like my carver and his work. Thank you all and we will see what happens next...

    actually I have no idea.