Montag, 18. April 2011


Britt asked for my Supercity-Building Set and I wanted to use this question for a little help: If there is a question about my blog or my scenes, please fill the term you wanted to know more about into the searching-window in the left edge of the blog.
It is a very usefull way to find the according blogposts and to learn more about.
But I'm glad about your questions too, so don't hesitate to ask!

Das Lundby Gotland ist ja ein typisches Ferienhaus - wo sonst könnte die Toilette außerhalb der Wohnung sein? Für meines habe ich heute eine schöne Fensterfront aus meinem Supercity-Building-Set gebaut, damit die Feriengäste die Aussicht genießen können.

In einem Ferienhaus ist ja oft auch nicht viel in den Regalen und kann gefüllt werden mit dem, was die Gäste mitbringen, so passt es ganz gut, dass ich grad nicht so viel Geduld für die Deko mit dem Kleinkram habe.

Es ist leider ein schönes Weinglas kaputtgegangen. Aber so kommt das Häuschen zu einer schicken Lampe, auch wenn sie nicht leuchtet.

So sieht das ganze Haus aus. Ich mag diesen Glasbaustein-Charme.  


  1. Hi!
    You have wrote about your superbuilding set.
    And what is this?
    I like the modern touch.



  2. Dear Brit, thank you for your question. Hope you read about my Supercity Set. It is very cool and I thought of buying another set for more possibilies.
    Nice you commented on my blog and that I got to know your blog too. I like it.
    Greetings from Germany!

  3. HI!
    Where do you buy the Supercity-set?


  4. Hi Brit! Amazon - The correct name is supercity-building set, there are some for about 29 dollars. Would you like to buy one? That would be nice to see what you will make with it.

  5. The Supercity-buildingset facade suits the Gotland house very nicely. The house does look very open as it is. I assembled the Gotland house I got for Christmas last week and thought it was very difficult to click the different pieces together. Did you have the same problems when you assembled yours?

    Happy Easter Oese, in a few hours Trond and I are going to Stockholm, Sweden, for the Easter holiday. The children are already in Trondheim with my parents, so a really quiet Easter for us this year :-)

  6. Hi!
    I´ve found it on Amazon.
    But I was only curious for now, because I haven´t just now any idea what I shall do with the set.
    But I´ve bought the Lekman box for a few months ago and there I think I shall do a modern bathroom.
    Thanks for your answer.
    Happy Easter!

  7. Hi Helene, holidays without the children - enjoy it! The children will enjoy they grandparents too. Yes, it wasn't easy to assemble the house. To be honest it isn't fixed yet... :-(
    I wanted to make a houseboat of this house and I'm not sure if I will do it or not. But if, there are some more changes needed.
    Nice you like my facade so long and of course I'm excited to see your Gotland.
    Have a good time, best wishes for your Stockholm-visit and happy easter!

  8. Hello Britt, I'm glad to help you. Please show us fotos of the Lekmann Box. It is so good for a bathroom, can't wait to see it..

  9. Beautiful! I love the combination of colours, the turquoise and light purple and pale blue - very calming and refreshing, it would be a wonderful holiday home, with lots of light coming in and views from many sides too :-) Those super-city pieces are so adaptable and useful! :-D