Dienstag, 24. Mai 2011

Für Christoph

Ich möchte die neue Tapete in dem Lundby-Erweiterungsstockwerk zeigen. Endlich habe ich die rosa Herzchen eliminiert, die haben mir noch nie gefallen.  Die Tapete habe ich als "sample" im Tapetenladen um die Ecke gekriegt. 
Das blaue Kinderzimmer habe ich für meinen Sohn gemacht, der heute 30 Jahre alt wird. Happy Birthday!


  1. Very nice. I like the wallpaper as well as all the colours in the room.

  2. Hi and thank you for sweet words! Love your blog, really cool miniature house you've built. Impressing!!

    Yes, Petronella is my real name but not my first name ;) I think it's after my mothers grandma and when I was born my mother wanted me to have it as my middle name.. But my father "won" the discussion and it became Anna-Lena instead because he liked it better. Well, I didn't! So when I turned 18 I changed it to Petronella :)

    Off course I want to be one of your followers! Have a nice week //Petronella

  3. thank you minna and petronella for your kind comment. petronelle, I'm very happy you're the #200! I think I should change my name too, there is only an "onell" to add...;-) Hope to see more of your wonderfull peaces soon.