Dienstag, 6. September 2011


I had a wonderful week with friends in a beautiful valley in the "Pfälzer Wald". I lived in a community there 25 years ago and it was so very nice to see some of the people I lived with once again after this long time. This shot was made at my birthday, I got these purple cup (katimus, don't be envious :-) and some other nice gifts. More fotos to come.
I have to admit that I had Fran with me, but didn't work on a new outfit for her (as I planned) and didn't make any hot fotographs of her. Sorry that I'm not in minis at the moment, I kind of daydreamed the whole day ...

 The house we lived in 1986 is called "Das blaue Haus" means "the blue house". I promised my children (born 81 and 83) to make a lot of photos to find out, wether they got memories of it or not. Nearly nothing has changed. Unbelievable for me, who moved about 20 times in this years, that there is a place like in the 80s!

 This is the view from my guestroom and I put Fran on the windowsill.
 but she wore her old cape and didn't got any new clothes.
 This is the gift from my sweet katimus-daughter, so true and belonging to my life! The line is: we are born for the joy!
 This makes me cry a little bit of happiness, when I arrived at home yesterday:  A letter from my "new" grandchildren. I told you before of this project and I'm very happy to receive childrens-drawings after a couple of years I missed it.
 Now I have to make the laundry and enjoy the sun, which is still shining! Hope you all have and had a wonderful summer too.


  1. Hey Petra, Imust say you look really great in this picture. We don't need hot photographs of Fran when we have yours ;)!

    And of course, a really Happy Birthday to you. I believe you had a fabulous one?

  2. Sans dear, I'm terrybly sorry I didn't take the time to write you an email. I will do this later, I promise. Thank you very much for your compliment and yes, it was a very nice day.
    I will check out my camera, guess there must be a Fran-Foto too.
    A big hug an you'll read more soon.

  3. Antes que nada... Feliz cumpleaños!... aunque con retraso. Te ves fantástica en la foto.
    A Fran se la ve feliz en un sitio tan maravilloso. Me alegro que te hayas podido reencontrar con tus recuerdos.
    Un beso.

  4. Hi Petra, Who is that hot chick you had pose for you? ;) F

    xoxo CM

  5. Hi Maru, thank you very much, you're so kind.
    Carol, is "hot chick" positive or negative? My translating daughter is in vacances and cannot help.
    I'm happy to see that your daughter is married and it seems to has been a very good feast. I'm so glad for her. My daughter will marry in the next year, exciting! What shall I wear?

  6. "Hot chick" is good. Very good.

    Once your daughter decides what style of wedding she wants then you will know. C

  7. What a lovely picture. You look so nice and relaxed. I hope you had a very happy birthday and are enjoying your trip to the past. How wonderful to find that the house had not changed.

  8. Carol thank you very much! I'm happy, that makes beautiful! You know what? My daughter has allready bought her weddingdress. It is purple and she wants all the guests come into white !! Crazy, hm? Well, she's my daughter.

    Doreen, I hope you are well. I love your new home and your new dollhouse, but I miss the wonderful river, don't you? Take care and hugs from Germany

  9. Petra, you look so beautiful. That's what vacation will do for you..but you are lovely anyway. I will call you soon..been very busy with work. The photos are wonderful. I want to be there. Herzliche Gerburtstags Wunshe.

  10. Hi Doris, thank you for your compliment! I'm happy to hear everyone thinks I'm good looking. But you don't see my hips, haha!
    It is a very very oldfashioned interior there in this blue house, I wouldn't like to live there, but it was very nice for a short visit. We sang old songs to the guitar, romantic!
    Hope to hear from you soon, dear Doris, but no stress! Relaxed greetings from Germany

  11. Die Bilder wecken keinerlei Erinnerungen! Bin gespannt, was Christoph sagt.

  12. katimus, hast du denn die bei flickr auch alle gesehen? ich denke mal, christoph wird sich erinnern an einiges, konnte er ja schon ohne fotos. das haus von nuran und karl sieht so total anders aus, dass ich keine fotos davon gemacht habe.
    ich hoffe, du erholst dich gut, bis bald mein schatz!

  13. So nice to see sweet Oese with her coffee (or tea?)! Glad you are back, and glad you enjoyed the time away. Look forward to your new scenes ;)

  14. Hi Callsmall, thank you for your nice comment. Yes, I drink coffee!
    Hope to be a "better blogger" in future! Let's wait and see what happens.