Freitag, 9. September 2011

The truth about Fran

 I know that most of my readers know my fat doll Fran and like her - as I like everything overweight ;-). And I like to make clothes for her and make outdoor fotografs of her. why outdoor?

As you can see, Fran is much too big for my lundby-house. I don't want to buy or build a house for her or even a roombox would be too big for my tiny flat. So Fran is the one who is with me on my journeys.
 And Fran is the one who receives gifts - like this from CM, this wonderful pink Eames chair. But unfortunately it isn't big enough for her. By the way: not big enough for the really slim Barbiedolls too.
 The second problem is, Fran isn't able to sit, except in this way as on the foto above. I would like to make a ball-jointed doll of her and if there is anybody who has the courage to saw her legs and hips and arms into pieces and connect them with marbels, I would happily make a suit like skin for her. But untill now I found noone who would like to try. Me too.
I'm so sad Fran lost one of her shoes. The shoes from reac are nice and in the perfect size, but don't fit anyway.
I bought the little doll (keramic or something like this) last summer and used it sometimes in my scenes, but as you know, dolls are not the most important thing in my scenes.


  1. I love Fran! By the way I found this tutorial today and it may be helpful in making some shoes for her:

    Also this blog:

  2. You don't need dolls to make your scenes come to life. The way you position everything and your photography skills make everything so real looking. I wish I could photograph things the way you do.

  3. Hi Dani, thanks for the tutorials. I will try out some day - or not? like my mood is. But many thanks.

    Doreen, you are so kind. I would like to fotograph the sweet scenes with your dolls for you, but I'v got no time for the journey;-)
    Take care!

    Carol, you are funny. Thank God Fran has humour too.
    Thanks again for the chair and sofa. I so love the vases! You are the best! Flocke!

  4. Poor Fran, not even a chair she can fit in! The photo of Fran on the roof reminds me irresistably of the title of an Australian children's book, There's a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake ;-)

    I'm sorry about Fran's shoe, and especially that the reac shoes don't fit. She obviously needs a special size in shoes - she is a special doll!

  5. Hi Petra, Fran is so cute. I especially like the graceful way she sits. Those ball jointed dolls are very cool, but way too expensive for me. And I know how Fran feels with those big feet...I have that problem, too. I will look for some shoes when I go to the Kiwanis sale next weekend. They always have some Barbie shoes...Is this what scale she might fit?

  6. Rebecca - how nice to read you again. I hope you are well, there was a lot you gave to go through the last month. I'm so glad you stopped by and that you feel with Fran and her "problems", which are no problems infact! I like you continue your blog. Have a lot of fun with it. I think of you very often!

    Hi Doris, no, normal Barbie shoes doesn't fit, I have a lot of them of my own.
    I think it's not a problem to make her new shoes for me. I allready made her some boots last winter. But thank you very much!

    Have a nice sunday you two - one in the end and one coming....

  7. I love the little one as much, maybe better :). She look so happy!

    Fran looks perfect and she is a funny gal :). I sit like her too :)

    Yesterday I watched Eat Pray Love on TV. I really enjoyed it!

  8. Wow Sans, you can sit like Fran? I don't now wether I should be envious or not. Is that healthy?
    What a coincidence this move was in your tv. They didn't broadcast it in german tv yet. We'll have to wait.
    But for my taste, Julia Robert speaks too fast for this movie, like a cascade as we used to say.
    But perhaps katimus has a better expression?