Montag, 24. Oktober 2011

Es ist alles so wunderbar bereitet


  1. Ganz farbich! I habe die kleine Kaffeekennele ganz gern.

  2. YOU are the artist! Smiles! Your scenes are always so inspiring and full of life.

  3. Doris, das Kennele mag ich auch besonders gern, danke für Deinen Kommentar!

    Hi Modern MC. We are both some partime-artists, do you agree? I love your work and I am proud and happy, that/when you like mine. I often cope with my dailylife-expierience in building my scenes, that is what makes them lifelike I guess.
    Have a good day! Hugs from Germany!

    Norma, I love you love the colours, the inspiration came from a tarot card, it is on the wall over the bed with the meaning: sharing.
    Greetings to you all