Donnerstag, 24. November 2011

Wintergarten - conservatory

Look what was on my doormat today, when I came home from my new adventure of beeing a student! This three chairs! I love them, even though they are too big for lundby-style.
Thank you so much Hunky Dory, who sent me this christmas-ornaments.
Have a nice day or evening, my dollhouse-friends around the world.
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  1. Oh, Petra. I love this!!! Wintergarten. A great idea. You are so very welcome!!!
    Hunky Dory

  2. What a nice arrangement ! I love the chairs !
    All the best

  3. So Cool! Love the whole new design!

  4. What a lovely surprise. I love the chairs. I picked up two and the red ones as well. I will use them as soon as I finish building the house to put them in. I love this room!

  5. thank you all! I think this chairs are so popular, that they will get a place in nearly every dollhouse in our blog-land.
    like these ikea-box lekmann, more and more people got one. I love this fact.
    And it is nice of you to comment my little scenes, made in the evening with bad light...
    have a nice weekend.

  6. Really really love these chairs so I will tell you again :)