Sonntag, 26. April 2009

Flohmarkt - flea market

Heute ist ein Riesenflohmarkt, auf den ich schon lange warte - bei den Kindern mit Ihren Barbie-Sachen und Action-Figuren werde ich bestimmt was finden.
In meiner Vorfreude habe ich schnell noch im Regal ein Zimmerchen zusammengestellt. Die Wände sind Blätter aus einem Aquarellblock, der Boden die Hülle einer Bewerbungsmappe.

Bis später mit meinen Flohmarktfunden!

Today I will go to a big flea market, I waited for it a long time. The children, who offers their Barbie and action figures stuff will be my favourite sellers and I hope to find something.
In a shelf I quickly built a little room: The walls are from sheets of paper used for watercolor, the floor is the cover of a folder.
See you later with my flea market treasures.


  1. I love that table - I'm sure you've shown it before, though I don't remember who made it.
    Look forward to seeing your fleamarket finds!

  2. Rebecca, I made it myself: I used wood from a box for oranges, which is so light, that one can cut it with a scissor. Then I painted it with colour for wood. The table top is made from a wrapping for barbie-toys.
    I saw this table in many blogs and after I copied it, I learned, that it was a very famous designer-table (nagouchi). So you can see: Blogging can make you a little wiser.

  3. Wow! I'm impressed! It's beautifully done - you are very talented to make such a good copy! And yes, I too definitely learn from blogging.