Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2009

Kuhfell - cow-coat

Schon lange suche ich nach so einem Kuhfell - heute habe ich endlich in einem Stoffgeschäft 20 cm Kuhfellstoff gekauft, und noch zwei andere Stoffe, aus denen Sofas und Sessel werden sollen. In 1:1 mag ich solche Felle nicht, aber im Miniformat gefallen sie mir unheimlich gut.

For such a long time I was looking for a cow-coat - today I found a piece of cloth in a store for drapery and bought 20 cm. I bought two grey pieces too, they should become a sofa or armchair.
I don't like such coats in 1:1, but in mini I like it very much.


  1. My daughter loves those type of cows and she collects them. She has cows all over her house. The rug is very nice.

  2. thanks doreen. so your daughter has a hobby too and you both can inspire the other, that's nice.