Samstag, 9. Mai 2009

Mein Samstag - my saturday

Die gute Nachricht zuerst: ich war heute im Schwimmbad, bin Fahrad gefahren und also an der frischen Luft gewesen. Die "schlechte" Nachricht: Auf dem Heimweg kam ich wieder bei dem Trödelladen vorbei und habe ein paar Dinge gefunden.

Hat jemand eine Ahnung, was das auf dem ersten Foto ist? (Aktualisierung: Duschvorhang-Haken). Erscheint mir völlig sinnfrei, aber die Farben gefielen mir. Also habe ich es mitgenommen und noch dies hier:

Aus den ??? habe ich einen schicken Tisch gemacht, ich finde ihn stylisch! Beim Kerzenleuchter muss ich noch den Dorn für die Kerze entfernen, aber wie ein Couchtisch sieht er jetzt schon aus, passend zu den 60er-Jahre-Polstern.
Aus dem Federmäppchen habe ich diesen Sessel gemacht, d. h. das Material um einen vorhandenen Barbie-Sessel herumdrapiert. Und dann noch dieses Sofa! Auf dem Salzstreuer ist übrigens ein Stein, den ich mal in Schottland aufgesammelt habe - gibt doch auch eine Skulptur ab, finde ich.

Good news first: I was swimming and cycling today - so I took some breathes of fresh air! The "bad" news are, that I stopped by the second-hand-shop. I took some items and these on the first foto are without any sence for me - does anyone knows for what this is used? Well, I like the colours and took it with me. I made a table and it looks stylish to me ;-). The other table fits very good to the 60s-furniture, it is for candles and I have to remove the "dorn" in the middle, that holds the candle (puh, my English!!!). From the pencil-case I made the chair, I wrapped the fabric around a barbie-office-chair and the sofa. On the saltshaker there is a rock from Findhorn Scotland.


  1. What a great day you had. Healthy exercise and them great finds at the store. You have been busy and I love what you have done with all the things you found. The first item is shower curtain hooks. But they make a terrific table don't they. You have a great imagination and make wonderful things.

  2. Thank you very much, Doreen. For your compliments and for the shower curtain hooks. Now I googled it and see such items for the first time in my life. And before I thougt, I was well informed. As I say: Blogging makes you a little bit wiser.
    Now I have to look after "Handyschmuck" (decorations for the mobile), keyring pendants and shower curtain hooks, because they often are great items for the dollhouse, when you cut it off. I'm glad you like my things!

  3. Wow! I am in awe. And you obviously have a wonderful second-hand shop near you. Some of the ones I go to here have removed all the clutter, and have hardly anything left for sale!
    The candle holder is marvellous! I hope you can remove the spike - it looks rather dangerous. In Darwin we have a shop called All About Lounges - I think you will be able to start one soon, with all the beautiful sofas and armchairs you make!!!

  4. Yes, the second-hand-shop is a great luck. They have only furnitures and stuff like see in my blog. Also, there are some of these pencil-cases in the shop and I will go and catch them all and then try to make more of the pink sofas and sell it on ebay. It's exiting to see how much people would give for them.
    Thank you for your interestingness, it means a lot for me, because most people around me - exept my children - are not interested in.