Samstag, 23. Mai 2009

Neuzugänge - New items

Ich habe Freunde mit kleinen Kindern besucht und von dein Kleinen etwas aus ihren Spielzeugkisten "gekauft" und außerdem am Bahnhof während der Wartezeit auf den Zug noch ein paar Sachen gefunden, wie z. B. die Lavalampe (Schlüsselanhänger). Natürlich hätte ich lieber eine kleine gehabt, aber diese leuchtet in verschiedenen Farben, ich konnte sie einfach nicht dort lassen. Der Eifelturm ist ein Ohrring und hat also noch einen Zwilling.

I visited friends with little children and I "bought" some items from the little ones. While waiting for the train at the station I found more stuff, for example the lava-lamp (keyring-pendant). Okay, it is much too big, but it has different and changing light, I couldn't resist. The Eifel-tower is an earring and has a twin.


  1. Dear Oese,
    Your stories about visiting your friends made me laugh! A beautiful piece of wood (I look forward to seeing the table), and lots of miniatures. I bet the children find more things for you to "buy" from them next time you visit - they will probably realise they are on to a good thing! The lava lamp is terrific - what great finds. And a lovely end to your holiday, I think?

  2. hello rebecca, yes, it is allways nice to visit this family - unfortunately they don't live in my town. in fact the five years old had built up a little flea market, when I arrived and wanted me to buy some sparkling indian-style pieces of cloth. I bought them for 10 cents, haven't shown them yet. that was the beginning!
    I'm looking forward to seeing my collegues and my office - I like to work too. And there will be enough time for my minis in the evening and weekend.
    I realized that you are very busy with renovating your houses. You seem to have much more space than me. Well, Australia is a littler bigger than Germany....