Dienstag, 28. Juli 2009

Mehr Licht-Spiele - more light-play

Ich liebe diese süße kleine Kommode - gerade richtig für mein Smaland-Haus.
ENG.: I love this little cute dresser - perfect for my Smaland-House.

In dem schönen Lichtspiel sieht man ein paar Sachen aus dem Räumungsverkauf des Trödelladens. Der Gamsbock ist doch wirklich ein super Fund!
In the play with light you can see a few items I bought in the junk-shop with the clearance-sale. I think the chamois buck is really a great find!
no secret about the lightplay.


  1. Beautiful! I love the shadow of the flowers. I really like the other things on the dresser, too. It's a very rich combination of shapes and lines - makes me want to run my finger over them!

  2. thank you very much Rebecca!
    first I didn't know which things of my new rummage-items I should put on the little dresser, they are all nice for me. But then I had the currage to put them all together and - it obviously works.
    don't laugh: but this is sometimes very exhausting for me and I feel like a lonely artist afterwards. hope you understand ;-)
    the big vase is for salt too and I had to think of you, you would have seen the vase in it, I am shure. I will upload a foto from the whole thing for you.