Samstag, 4. Juli 2009

Siebziger Mädchenzimmer - seventies girlsroom


Wie man sieht, habe ich nun eine neue Druckerpatrone!
Bei Ebay habe ich einen Lundby-Plattenspieler ersteigert, der genauso aussieht wie meiner damals, und noch Boxen dazu. Während der Wartezeit widme ich mich nun der passenden Deko für das Zimmer, die Poster und Platten, an die ich mich noch erinnere - wie schön, dass im Netz alles zu finden ist. Nur Accesoires und Deko habe ich echt wenig. Wenn ich meinen Kram so durchsehe, fällt mir auf, was es 1973 alles noch nicht gab!

As you can see I've got a new cartridge!
I shot a lundby recordplayer on ebay that looks like mine I had in the seventies - and a few other technic items. Until it arrives I give attention to the decoration of the walls: posters and record-covers I remember. How nice to find nearly everything in the net. But Ihave nearly nothing to decorate. When I see my stuff I notice, how many things we didn't have in 1973!

Update 05.07.2009: Rebecca reminds me of batik, when she told about macramee, so I took some blue and red fruits and tried to batik a cloth: it works! The record covers are now really covers and not only a cutted picture of it (and my hands full of glue). The Barbie-Lamp is a little bit too big, but I like the color. The Thyme on the table is lovable and fits to the color, too. My "new" recordplayer is on it's way, there will follow some updates.

2. Update 05.07.2009:
Because I think, there will be a lot of work on it and I will not distroy it soon, I put the room into the vine-box in stead of the cupboard. I can carry these box into the sun and perhaps later put a plexiglass before it. Now I have a window (without glass yet) in the room. And sunlight. It's a very hot summer day, I don't like the heat, so stay inside and enjoy the coolness. For this weather it is good, that the sun is high, but for the fotos not. I'm looking forward to autumn and winter, when the sun will shine into my flat and not only on the windowsill.


  1. And the wallpaper is terrific! It goes so well with the table & chair. I love the posters and record covers. What things did we have then? I remember macrame being very big - macrame pot plant holders, and as a kind of curtain hanging in doorways (I don't know what that's called - you can get them made of plastic strips too). And coloured candles - I remember making them at school! Also transistor radios, and a TV - maybe a tiny one, as well as a bigger one. (Actually my family didn't get a TV until 1977, but other people had them!)

  2. Liebe Rebecca - da kommen Erinnerungen hoch, nicht? Ich freue mich, wenn ich Dich entführen konnte in diese Zeit (da uns ja leider Pubdoll nicht in Ihre wunderbare Puppenwelt enführt im Urlaub).
    Ich muss gestehen, ich mochte Makramee noch nie. Aber ich lieb(t)e Batik. Ich werde auch noch etwas batiken, habe es schon mit Tee versucht, Stoff zu färben, aber es ging nicht gut. Die ersten Kassettenrecorder waren doch auch toll. Wir haben Hörspiele aufgenommen! Oder waren das noch Tonbänder und die Kassetten kamen erst in den 80ern?
    So, nun viel Spaß beim Übersetzen :-)und liebe Grüße

  3. It's beautiful! And now you have a fabric wallhanging, too - very 70s!
    We had cassettes in the 70s - at least I can remember recording messages on cassette to send to my grandparents in England. So probably there were music cassettes too.

  4. I have a lot of cassettes with 80s-music - I was a young mother in this time. I fear, soon they will be only dust...
    I'm glad you like my wallhanging.

  5. Danke Oese :-)
    Dieses Zimmer ist toll!
    Deine Tapete gefällt mir sehr gut, und ich liebe auch wie du den Barbie Lampenschirm benutzt hast!

  6. Vielen Dank, ich freue mich, dass es dir gefällt.