Sonntag, 23. August 2009

Roombox Bibliothek/Library - Details

Ich denke mal, so wird es in etwa bleiben. Jetzt muss ich noch ein paar Feinarbeiten machen, mir was wegen des Oberlicht-Fensters einfallen lassen, den PEZ-Piraten weiß streichen und noch etliche Bücher basteln, damit es auch wie eine Bibliothek aussieht.

I think that's it. A little bit of work here and there, for example with the window in the ceiling, painting the PEZ-pirate white and crafting a lot of books, so that it looks like library.

Aktuell: So habe ich es jetzt bei Ebay reingesetzt, bin mal gespannt!
Now it is on ebay, I'm exited!


  1. Hallo Oese,
    I like all of them - the first one, with the blue plate over the fire and the row of bookcases; the second one with the purple wall (beautiful purple!) and the painting of people around a table, with the wine bottles and glasses on the table below. I like this one too - I am just a bit sad that once you have set it up and sold it, we won't see these pieces in your scenes again! But I can understand you needing the space.
    What scale is your new dolls house, the one you re-modelled and painted over the pink bits on? Will you be keeping that, or sell that too?

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    thank you for your comment. Yes, it's a hard decision, how to decorate the room...
    I will definitely keep the former pink house. Who would give money for it? It is ugly and badly worked. The pics of the rooms only looks good, because I cut the ugly sites off. And I love to have such a big room, so much space. With small furniture it could be a ballroom.
    I will keep it for my scenes I set up in the evening after work just for relaxing. And I think I will buy 1:12 furniture too, when I love it and keep it for a while. Just now I bit on a complete house on ebay because of 4 chairs in it - I'm so mad.

  3. I really love the way you photograph your minis!
    The light makes every room so special! I love the silver and glass in this one!

  4. Thank you so much, kathi. Today I was lucky with the full light of the sun. And the box (Estetisk from IKEA) has a "window in the ceiling" (???), that makes good lighting too.
    BTW I love your teleskop!
    And BTW - I tried your video tutorial - I think it works, but there was an error. I'll try it another day. Many thanks for this too.

  5. The chairs are lovely - and maybe the table matches too? There are some other nice pieces in that house - I love the wooden picture frame in that room, and the vacuum cleaner in the bedroom, and the two-handled china vase? bowl? in the kitchen. Good luck!

  6. Yes, and the bathtube!!!! heart!
    I can imagine to make such nice roomboxes of these stuff and keep only a few items for me. But there are others interested in too..... puh 90 € meanwhile.

  7. Nice end result Oese, I love the colours of the wall and the pez looked great as a white bust!
    Good luck on ebay!

  8. Das wäre mir nicht aufgefallen :-)
    Schön, dass es dir gefällt. Wenn ich es auf ebay nicht verkaufe (was ja gut möglich ist), nehme ich es mit zum Flohmarkt.

  9. Good luck on your sale on eBay. I hope you get a good price because it is worth it.

  10. It looks great! all the best with the sale! you've done a great job :-)