Freitag, 11. September 2009

Lekman - Molger - Dragan - Kosing - Tratt

Because I wanted to sell my 1:10 furniture on the flea market, I searched for a bigger box, my sewing-machine-cup was a little small I thought.

I planned to put matching wallpapers to the wall, but I liked this room so much, that I decided to keep it for my modern stuff. It's an Ikea-box and here you can see what I put into the basket too:

The musical instruments are gifts from my colleagues, I had my birthday on the day two of them fall ill and so I got it later. They are very well done and I love the guitar most.

I painted some metall stuff from my last flea market with white paint.

the bedding is from the 1930-dollshouse, but it looks very modern, don't you think so? the frames from doreen are waiting for the matching pictures.


  1. Are you selling your 1:10 furniture, Oese? In roomboxes or individually? I might be interested in some if you were selling it bit by bit :-)

  2. Rebecca, please write me an E-Mail. The adress is in my profile.
    Thanks and have a nice day.

  3. Too bad the furniture was 1:10 scale, it's so beautiful! But I'm sure Rebecca can put it to good use :-)
    The musical instruments are very nice, how sweet of your workmates! Most of the people at my work thinks it's a bit odd with grown ups playing with dolls and doll's houses!

  4. Hi Pubdoll, I think, some of my workmates (wow, that's much better than colleagues, thanks) make rollingeyes too, when they hear from my hobby. but they are allways happy to find something else than a voucher als a present.