Freitag, 11. September 2009

Ein blaues Kissen - a blue cushion ...

... hat mir meine Tochter katimus geschenkt und sich beschwert, dass es hier noch nicht zu sehen war. Es ist ein bisschen groß als Sofakissen, aber super geeignet für einen Hundekorb oder auch für ein Baby zum Kuscheln.

Dies ist Gnocchi, und ich habe katimus überzeugt, dass das Kissen für ihn zu klein ist. So hat sie es mir überlassen.


  1. What a lovely cushion - and how sweet that your daughter gives you presents for your hobby! The baby looks very comfortable.
    And I recognise the bedhead! The dressing table also, I have a pink and white one in my Eagle Toys hexagonal house, I think it's by Crailsheimer.

  2. Thank you Rebecca, yes katimus and my mother are the only ones (hä, they are two), who looks with mini-eyes and bring me her finds. I will google Crailsheimer now, thank you very much. Have you blogged a foto of thies dressing table? I would like to see it.

  3. Here it is Oese:
    and I have a link to the puppenhausmuseum page where I discovered what it was:

  4. So nice of your daughter to make you this cushion!
    Tell her it's lovely, and even more so with the cute little baby on top! Nice set up, too, I love the reflection of the mum in the mirror!

    And thank you Rebecca for the links, very much nice furniture both in your hexagonal house and in the puppenhausmuseum page! I have seen almost all of the pages of the puppehausmuseum earlier as well, but with such a huge amount of information and pictures it's easy to be a bit overwhelmed.

  5. Rebecca and Pubdoll, I will tell katimus, that you like the cushion she gave me.
    I enjoyed the links too. I saw this pictures before, I'm sure. But I agree with Pubdoll, it's too much sometimes. But now when I have this wardrobe and vanity I am so excited to see this pics. I love the furniture in your setting too, so lovely.
    Will you email me, Rebecca, so that we can make a deal about the 1:10-furniture? I would like to give them to you soo much, much better than sell on ebay or to a stranger.

  6. Gnocchi gets to sleep on a bigger cushion now. He's quite happy with the trade. ;)