Donnerstag, 24. September 2009


Mit der Küche habe ich noch günstig diese zwei Thonet-Stühle gekauft. Ich habe solche auch mal für die Lundby-Größe gesehen, aber sie waren unerschwinglich und dann sagte der Verkäufer auch noch, dass sie leicht zerbrechlich sind. Nichts für mich! Diese sind aus Metall.

With the kitchen came this two Thonet-chairs. I saw such chairs in lunby-scale once, but they were soooo expansive and the seller told, they will broke easily. So they are not for me. Mine are from metal.


  1. I once missed out on a opportunity to buy these chairs in the Lundby scale and still am a bit sad about it, but yours look great! Love the art on the wall too!

  2. perhaps they will came across once again, then you will be lucky and get some thonets.
    the "art" is another free postcard you can pick in pubs or cinemas in germany. is this usual in norway too?
    schönen abend dir!

  3. I see you got a new table as well as chairs. Very nice set. (By the way - I am glad you were able to use the frame. I did not know what size to make them.)

  4. Hi Doreen,
    all sizes are good for me. first because I have things in so many scales, second because there are different sizes in frames in real life too. I was to lazy to cut a matching picture till now...
    enjoy the days in your wonderful nature around you.

  5. Oh, I forgot, Doreen. The table is not new. It's a mirror and a part of an office-chair for Barbie. The chair is in a box and waits for a new cloth...