Mittwoch, 16. September 2009

Who wants to be a millionaire?

So ein paar Tage Urlaub befreien den Geist: Warum bin ich nicht früher auf die Idee gekommen, den Schrank zu teilen oder auch die Corbusier-Sessel mal mit meinen Streichholz-Polstern zu bestücken? Ich mag grau und Chrom kombiniert mit dem alten Holz. Und ich mag, wenn er am Tisch sitzt und über Ikea-Plänen brütet, während sie "Wer wird Millionär" guckt und ein Bierchen zischt....

a few days off makes the mind open: why didn't I have this ideas earlyer, to apart the cupboard or to take my "matchbox-chushions" for the corbusier-chairs? I like the grey and chrome in combination with the old wood. And I like, when he is sitting at the table over new ikea-plans for the flat while she is watching "who wants to be a millionaire", having a cold beer......
(for my foreign readers: I changed the picture in the lundby-tv and it shows the host of the german show "who wants to be a millionaire". he presents this show for 10 years in this days and never missed out any broadcast in this 10 years. I follow this show only the last years, but I like his style of hosting very much)


  1. Love the photos on the wall! The little stapler and the IKEA plan book! I also like the dining table, the dream catcher and the beer/mug! We had "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" here in the USA too. I only watched it a couple of times... Looks great on your TV. So many great details in your rooms!

  2. Looking good, Oese! I like what you did with the Le Corbusier chairs, and the more traditional chairs work well, too!

  3. hello kathi, nice you like my rooms. in germany the show-host is a very famous and serious man in my age, well-educated and with a special humour. without him this show would be not so successful. heard in other countries the host or public are sometimes mean. that is not the show I want to see after work.
    mini blessings to you

  4. thank you callsmall. it was a late-night-work before sleeping, quickly done. that are often the best scenes, at least better than the scenes with much effort. I love you like it.