Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2009

50 people all around the world

clicked "follow these blog" and I am very pleased to have so many followers now. The last three was Chinita Bonita, Alison and Miniaturista. It's an honor for me. thank you all for your nice comments or qiet watching, you're welcome in any case.
men's faith is the translation for this summer-flower, that enjoy the warm and sunny days in autumn. I picked them for you all and have a lot of fun making still-life pictures. here are some of the pics I made for having enough to chose the one I like for your welcome-post.
thanks again!


  1. I love your blog! You have the most original ideas! Like this blue floor!!! I must have that floor!!! What is it? Please share!?

  2. Vielen Dank für den herzlichen Willkommen!

    My German is really no longer very good--we moved from there when I was in 8th grade. Plus, I didn't use a computer at the time, and I don't know if you should "sie"z or "du"z when you address the writer of a blog. (How "peinlich"!) :)

    In any case--I really enjoy your blog, and your terrific photos. And thanks so much for the very warm welcome--even if my grammar is terrible!

  3. kathi, you're so nice. so i have found a link to the "floor", which is a skating rink for a bratz doll.

    i'm looking forward to seeing if you will order it;-)

    alison, i enjoy reading your answer. how sweet you say "how peinlich".
    in fact my english grammar is a) very old fashioned and b) very rusty, but i don't mind, because I'm sure that everyone can understand what I want so say. and that's the only thing for me, I am no longer vain on that score.
    I think it is much nicer to answer in a not so perfect grammar than to say nothing. am i right? so thank you very much and I hope to read your wonderful german-english-mix more often.

  4. Oese, I love how you have used that skating rink - the blue looks so great!

  5. Beautiful blues. I think we call these flowers lobelia in English - men's faith is so much more poetic.

  6. Hello Rebecca,
    I know the name lobelia too, but I also think, that "Männertreu" is such a nice name for this delicate little blossoms. The sedum called "Fette Henne" can be in the vases for days even without water, but this lobelia is gone after a few minutes after I picked them on my balcony.
    Ha! That's about men's faith ;-)
    Rebecca, this month is the flea market where I want to try to sell my too big or too oldfashioned furniture. will you email me soon for talking about a fair trade? I would appreachiate to see this furniture in your hands.

  7. Thank you for sharing what you used for the floor here! Who knew that Bratz dolls could skate? :)
    Anyway, it's a bit too expensive for me to buy.
    I'll be looking for some blue plexi-glass or something similar for my dollhouse bathroom.
    This was a beautiful blue post! My favorite color!