Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2009

for meetings and after-lunch-sleep

I'm not sure if it was a good idea to paint these little red chairs. I had to cover it again and again and the result is not so good.
Inspired by Callsmalls last scene I wanted to make a workspace I would apprechiate. I would like to have a room for myself, but for the meetings and a little sleep in the lunchbreak this room would be perfect! we have sofas in our office too, but nobody do use it. I like the blue-white-wood colorsheme, it's just as calm as I need for making a good job.


  1. What a lovely space to work in - lots of light, a cat for company, an exercise bike to get the blood flowing again, somewhere to nap, flowers .. just perfect (and quite unlike my very noisy office).
    I wonder why no-one uses the sofa in your office? I like to sit on the sofa in the tea-room at work sometimes, if I'm reading rather than using the computer - it's nice to have a change of posture.
    (I think the chairs look great. Of course, if you magnify them 4 or 5 times, you can see the paint surfaces, but at actual size they look fine, and will fit in with lots of scenes better than the red.)

  2. Thank you, Rebecca - glad you like my "dream-office".
    Unfortunately our sofas are not in the kitchens, but in the offices of the lawyers. they are only ornaments, can I say so (zur Zierde)?
    In my lunchbreak I usually go out of the house and walk in the "fresh" air. it is one hour and enought time to eat something in this time.