Donnerstag, 15. Oktober 2009

I was busy

to cover the chairs with cloth is a bit difficult - hands full of glue - but this matchbox-sofas are soooo easy to make! everyone can do it. it was harder to find the perfect fabric. this is, like the first time I made such a sofa, silk. it's more expansive, but the result is better than with cotton.


  1. The chairs look great with the new fabric! (My favourit is still the Hundertwasser fabric, with the grey-green fabric as a good number two)
    Love the sofa with the greybrown fabric as well!
    And yes it's late again, but now I'm finally going to bed :-)

  2. Your fabric work (couches, chairs, chaises) always impress me. Great find on all these fantastic prints. I especially love the first one : )

  3. sshhh...the word you're looking for is 'expensive'.

  4. thank you all for your agreement - and okay, I'll try to use expensive from now on.