Sonntag, 15. November 2009


this morning I made a new armchair. it was an armchair of my Villa Eichhorn, I only covered it with a lot of glue and fabric. Just when I finished it, the sun came out.


  1. I am always awed by the furniture you make and I especially like this chair. Not to mention you've come up with two uses for the little white cups and I've only ever managed to make it into a lampshade! : )

  2. petitenouveau, that's funny. The idea of a lampshade didn't come up to me. I think it's part of the human nature to think, the others have better ideas. but it's not true. you have such wonderful ideas and skills!
    I immediatly had to set a little scene with the lampshade!

    kathi, thank you for your nice compliment and comment, I'm so glad you're here!

  3. Hi Oese,
    I always look forward to seeing your scenes and pictures, you are very talented ;-)