Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2009

I need a massage

I am so tired from work, but I made a very quick and easy scene with my new massage-bench. I would like to shrink to 1:16 and feel well on it....
more later


  1. LOL! did you post that scale size for me? ;)

    I could use a massage too, move over!

  2. hello cm and dale!
    I'd love to give you a massage - you're welcome in germany, if you've got a little time.....

  3. Lol, be careful of what you say. ;)

    Our friends down the street go to Germany often, they have friends there.

    You can email me. I'd love to know where you are.

    I'm of German descent, but from the 1500's or so, maybe earlier. ;)

  4. das glaube ich, dass du dich gerne auf diese liege schrumpfen würdest - dann fehlt aber auch noch ein hübscher&kräftiger masseur ;D

    lg, nicola

  5. answers about massage per private e-mail......;-)

  6. Oh, that looks funny, massages, private email ;)

  7. The massage bench is lovely and looks so comfy!
    Now all my dolls wants to visit you :-)

    Hope you feel better Oese!