Samstag, 7. November 2009

it's the same nearly every saturday.....

... I am full of intention to clean my flat and do the housework untill --- the postman arrives with packets for me. so here a very quick view to my new 60s-style-treasures. I saw such armchairs in anninas fotostream and never hoped to find similar on ebay, but I did. I'm so happy, allthough everything is very dirty. So I have to clean big and small furniture....


  1. Great finds Oese! I need to do some big and little cleaning myself today. I just keep getting distracted! Hope MY Ebay finds start arriving soon!

  2. I SAW these on eBay!! Great find. Annina is inspirational.

  3. hey kathi, good luck with your cleaning.
    Callsmall, I agree with your opinion about annina.
    Nice you all like it too.

  4. These are so nice, I drooled over them on annina's site as well. They look fantastic with the table and console. Now I'm off to hunt on eBay! : )

  5. Dieser Kommentar wurde vom Autor entfernt.

  6. haha, we are all hunters. But, Pubdoll has stopped is, she became prudential.

  7. These chairs are terrific! And the little cushion you made goes so well with them.
    How nice too that you have Saturday postal deliveries.
    Now Christmas is so close I am trying to restrain my ebay hunting to Christmas presents - difficult!

  8. Hi Rebecca,
    it is so nice that our family decided a few years ago to make christmas stressless. most of us are divorced and our poor children had to hurry from one family to the other and to buy gifts for so many stepmothers and stepmothers in law and so on.
    now we do not make presents. our gift is, we celebrate christmas all together, if divorced or not. every year we celebrate in another house, this time we are in the house of my former husband and his wife. we have a very big meal and the next day is free, especially for the young people who wants to meet friends or to relax.
    I hope your christmas-time is relaxing too....

  9. Hei Oese! Ha, ha, I must admit I'm not prudential at all :-) I have bought a lot the last month on ebay, I just haven't received it all yet! (And haven't had much free time to take photos of the things that has arrived either. And it's also quite uninspiring that it has been raining every day the last weeks and that the daylight vanishes on my way back from work.)

    But seeing your great buys and scenes helps a lot :-) Love the fifties chairs and other furniture you got there! Reminds me of my childhood and my beloved grandmother.

  10. Oh Pubdoll, how disappointing ;-)
    You was a role-model for me, because you once said, that you buy basically playmobil instead of ebay-items. I hoped it would be possible!!! buuh huu. So we all will spent our money on the bay, sigh.

  11. :-)
    absolutely adore those chairs and the cushion looks so good with it!
    are the chairs wooden?
    Like the matching unit and table


    hi natalie, as you can see I simply copied anninas look, because I adored her style too.
    so good that it looks different though.
    and thank you for your nice comment.