Samstag, 7. November 2009


I feel a bit uncreative the last days. I have a few new items - but don't know what to do with it. This is my desperate try to use all my new finds: the doll without legs and head (Euroshop), the placemat with the grey-pattern (nearly like saltandpepper, I would like to cover armchairs with it), the big shelve (comes with the "steeltube"-gardenfurniture).
I am not good in sewing and don't even have a mini-sewing machine, but I made a kind of sewing room. I am better in padding and so this could be a padding-room? however....


  1. I now all about being uncreative, but for me it's because I lack the time to work on my minis.
    But this is great, Oese! I love this room, so many nice details, especially the small wrapped package and the bag with the multicoloured balls/bulbs. I always love collections of small patterned fabrics. That's partly why I made a sewing room for Nora, even though I can't sew well either.

  2. Hej Pubdoll,
    thank you. You have such a mindful eye! I will try to make christmas-baubles with the mini-balls. I've got them from katimus as so often :-)
    I wish you'll find your time for minis, but that's life. take it as it comes - can I say so?
    Nimm es wie es kommt.

  3. This is great, Oese. It's funny, I set up a storage scene with various boxes and shelves in the Stockholm bathroom that I have not yet finished. I was not feeling creative either even though I have new stuff! We're on the same wavelength!

  4. Oh: on the same wavelength - you say that too?
    I think I hear from you and Pubdoll and kathi and Doreen and petitenouveau and ... - I have forgotten I few I'm sure - much more than from some friends or familiy-members. So no wonder we're on the same wavelength.
    There is a nice song in germany: the perfect wave
    I love this song.

  5. I love the results of you being uncreative - you create a workroom! Just the kind of place to sit and be inspired, and plenty of room (unlike our real homes!). Perhaps making this space will give your imagination space again too?