Sonntag, 22. November 2009

a wonder

IMG_2453, ursprünglich hochgeladen von pinchofpepper

I can't explain how impressed I am:
look at this massage-bench - it is ready!!!!
I will have it in my wellness-space in a few days - may the uk-post help!
I am so pleased, isn't it wonderful? I have never seen such a miniature before, and it is mine, mine mine!!!!


  1. It's lovely Oese, congratulations! I know how you must feel, I felt the same way when I got the sofa Annina made for me!

  2. katimus, katimus - immer das fehlende sehen, woran erinnert mich das bloß?
    besser kein kopf-loch als ein loch im kopf, würde ich mal sagen.

  3. Hi Oese - did you see Mini Modern mentioned you on her blog under "News"

    Nice! :)

  4. oh no, I didn't see it - but now it warms my heart! thank you for being so mindful!