Samstag, 12. Dezember 2009

waiting for the postman

my last ebay-find was this extraordinary sideboard - I'm totally in love with it - and a lot of other stuff I do not like or need AND a matching wardrobe. but the wardrobe wasn't in the parcel and the seller promise to send it.

haha, just in the moment I wrote this the postman arrived with a letter....

I was surprised the matching wardrobe was so small, but it is wonderful for my lundby-house, I will make fotos immediatly:


I think one of my best pieces!


  1. Fabulous, Oese! Very unique! Do you know the maker?

  2. Thank you, Callsmall. No, I don't know the maker, but I'm sure it is former DDR dollhouse-furniture, because the seller lives there.

  3. Hi Lize, nice to read you.
    I used the sideboard in a 1:12 roombox and the wardrobe in the 1:18 lundby-house. I don't know what scale it should be.

  4. What a great find! I don't think the tall part was meant to be a wardrobe, but it looks great both ways! Both as a wardrobe and as displayed in your last picture.

  5. Hi Pubdoll, thank you! Isn't it wonderful that pieces, that are not meant as something can be it in my lundby-house! I love the possibilities of playing with the scales.
    But this means too, I need space for too many pieces, sigh!

  6. Really wonderfull things you do! You mixing things you bought and thingd you make?


  7. Hello Yvette, thank you for your comment. Yes, I mix everything: old and new, selfmade and bought - but I like most to use things that are not meant as dollhouse miniatures like candleholders for tables, boxes for sideboards, caps as lampshade and so on. do have a dollshouse too?