Samstag, 16. Januar 2010

living with dollshouses

I'm not finished with the new furniture in my room, but it looks much better than before and I have enough space for all my roomboxes and the two houses.

see more on my flickr.


  1. Your room looks so cosy and so well organized. It is amazing what you have accomplished with the space. You have room for everything.

  2. hello doreen! first: brandy looks really nice with the long hair and I love her eyes.
    yes I learned a lot in the last three years living in that one-room-appartement. I had spacy homes before and thought, it would be only for a while, when I found a new job, when I moved in this town and in this flat.
    but then I realized how much money I would spent for a bigger flat and that all that money is mine and only mine, when I stay. And I love it after many years of having not enough money, when I raised my children alone.
    today I'm quite happy with the situation, except some days when I am too lazy to clean up and wish I had a room for all the stuff to clutter up....
    have a nice day and thanks for your comment!

  3. toll! das lack regal (ist doch lack, oder?) ist ja PERFEKT für lundby häuser. das muß ich gleich speichern, denn wenn das hier so weiter geht, dann muß ich auch bald nach oben "stapeln" :)

    ich freu´ mich richtig für dich!! deine sohnemann hat echt richtig gute arbeit geleistet!

    so und nu´ zu flickr, mehr fotos kucken...

    lg, nicola

  4. Danke, Nicola! Ich bin jetzt auch fürs Erste zufrieden. Irgendwann will ich vielleicht mal ne Bettcouch, aber die muss echt genauso bequem wie mein Bett und genauso hoch und hart wie mein Sofa sein, bei Ikea gibt es sowas jedenfalls nicht.

    Alles Liebe für den Sonntagabend, ich gucke gleich Wallander ...