Sonntag, 17. Januar 2010

A sailor's room ?

I'm not sure if a sailor would like to live like this, I think these stuff is more for tourists of the sea or marine-lovers. But I don't know. Does anyone knows a sailor?

while organizing my postcards (look at my flickr-folder "living with a dollshouse") I found this sailing-boats and had the idea to make a sailors room. the room in the lundby-house with the stairs is allways a bit hard for me to furnish, so I was glad to found all the pieces makes a harmony in this room.
If you are curios about the light: I used two little pocket lamps that are meant to help you find the doorlock of your car. I put adhesive tape around, because you have to push when you want light and then I glued it with "bluetack" that is white in germany. I do not know how to make fotos without this plasticine.

Hope you all had a nice weekend.


  1. I think it looks like a beautiful old summer house on Martha's Vineyard. The sailor I know sails on the San Francisco Bay and everything in his space is "shipshape and stowed away", tidy. Wonderful scene! M2V

  2. I know a sailor! He would LOVE this room. So do I!

  3. Outstanding!!! My X and I had a sail boat on Lake Michigan USA (years ago) and we had sailboat decor inside our sail boat plus we had it all over our house. This room is a sailor's dream come true. I love that we can blow up the photos to get a better eye on the details. You do fantastic work and I appreciate your attention to details. Thanks for inspiring me.

  4. thank you all so much - I'm happy to make happy even sailors....

  5. I think the Strombecker (?) chairs work perfectly in this scene. I love how you mixed styles!

  6. thank you, Callsmall!
    and yes, the chairs a Strombecker, so told the former owner More2view!