Freitag, 19. Februar 2010


After I made my little flower-arrangement I wanted more. I don't know much about ikebana, but I wanted to try it for a long time, I'm sure it's easier with the minis.
My meditation-resort has become the first ikebana-trial and I love this room even more with it.

the other trial is more colourful and modern.


  1. Hi Oese,
    you have always very good ideas. I love the second picture, with the braun wall and the shadow of the plant on it.
    have a nice weekend!

  2. Lovely pieces Oese! Especially the brown one, that is gorgeous. I don't know anything about Ikebana either, but was just given a Japanese book about it with beautiful watercolours of flower arrangements. The book is from 1935 and used to belong to my husbands grandmother (his grandparenmts have lived in Japan). I am really in love with some of these plates and will definitely try some in miniature!

  3. I love both the brown one and the bright and colourful one! The brown is perhaps the most beautiful and I love the calmness of it, but I also love the vivid colours of the last one together with the gorgeous wallpaper!

  4. Thank you all so very much. No I'm encourage to make more.
    Josje, I'm sure your mini-ikebanas will be great. You have much more patience than I. I read about ikebana in wikipedia and it is very interesting, that in the beginning it was only for men and has very strong rules. I will read more about it and perhaps make a workshop?
    Pubdoll, nice you like both trials. The wallpaper is one of the nice free cards you can find in our pubs, I took 4 of them, because I thought, it would be a good wallpaper.
    Have a nice weekend you all!

  5. Liebe oese,
    Ikebana ist so schön fifties und sixties. Ich schaue mir ja oft Wohnzeitschriften aus dieser Zeit an und man sieht die Begeisterung für diesen Stil des Blumenarrangements. Ab jetzt werde ich auf solche Fotos mehr achten,
    auch schönes Wochenende, ich trinke jetzt Kaffee und fahre dann nach Düsseldorf zum Schaufensterangucken...

  6. Ja, ich werde auch noch ein bisschen schauen und üben. Es ist eine Meditation!
    Ich hoffe, du hast in Düsseldorf besseres Wetter als wir hier - die Sonne schafft es trotz Bemühens nicht.
    Viel Spaß jedenfalls!

  7. Excellent, Oese! So creative, and they look very life-like! I hope it was a relaxing exercise :)

  8. What a fabulous idea and you did it so well. :)

  9. thank you, callsmall and dale - it was fun and relaxing as all my miniwork is. but now I'm looking forward to the fresh spring flowers to make other arrangements, because this one look a bit faded and kind of depressive.