Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2010

Winter farewell

I saw the green of the first snowdrops today, very small, very delicate. Usually they are nearly faded in the middle of February. I found a few things on my way to the rubbish bin and made an arrangement with it. The last wave of the winter - I hope so.


  1. Spring is coming? Are you sure, all I see is the white stuff ;)

    Daffodils are usually the first thing I see, tiny green tongues coming out of the soil.

    I hope you're feeling better dear. :)

  2. Hi Dale, in my town the snow is gone. It is grey and ugly and rainy, but no snow, the green has the chance to be seen.
    Thank you, I'm feeling much better, but I must wait and see, if a long-lasting medication is good for my body.

  3. Here it's still falling loads of snow, but I like it :-) And so nice you're better, I hope it will continue!

  4. Love the room Oese. Especially that over the top natural flower arrangement! I like mixing real plants in with minis too.

  5. Hi Pubdoll, i would enjoy the snow too - but only together with sunshine. we had a very grey winter and so all of us (the winter-lovers too) are tired of it.
    Lize, thank you very much. I hope to find more flowers with very very small blossoms next year!