Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2010

once again: a box for hannah!

Some of you will remember, that I made a box for my niece, when she started school.
This box is for a workmate who is a young mother now and her 2 days old baby's name is Hannah too.
Because of my experience with my first time making such a gift I chosed a much smaller box this time. The bedspread for the baby will be a bill. we all collected for our workmate. I think she will be happy at least with the money.


  1. Es una escena preciosa, seguro que le encanta, felicidades.besitos ascension

  2. Is that a Lundby Stockholm box? Very clever, Oese. You are thoughtful to make such an item for your office mate, and I am sure she will appreciate such a treasure (and the treasure of some cash!). Happy Wednesday!

  3. I'm sure she will be very happy to receive such a thoughtful, sweet and lovely gift! (And of course the money too :-)) Very cute details and baby!

  4. och, wieder so süß :) und die frischgebackene mama wird sich bestimmt freuen!

    lg, nicola

  5. How clever. What a wonderful idea! I have never heard of such a cute way to present a baby gift! CM

  6. thank you all for you nice comments. I hope I will find time to write more and to write comments to your wonderfull posts too.
    I've got a bit trouble at the moment....