Freitag, 5. Februar 2010

vintage wallpaper

with our swap bea sent me some vintage fabrics and today I used one of them as a wallpaper. I think I've never shown the two chairs before, they came with an ebay-find and I don't like them very much, but in this scene they are perfect.
hope you all enjoy and have a nice weekend!


  1. Niiice!!! The wallpaper is beautiful and the whole scene too. I love the Hair-poster on the wall.

  2. Nice, the vintage fabric is a gorgeous wallpaper and I love the sideboard!

  3. The sideboard is great, and the wall covering works really well!!

  4. It's beautiful fabric, and looks great as wallpaper! The red and white furnishings look really good against it. I love the glass lamp, too.

  5. thank you all! yes, this sideboard is one of my favourits. if I don't want a coloursheme with red I can remove the drawers and use this place for decoration.
    I'm happy I found it.
    Rebecca, the lamp is a flipped cork of a flask, I found it on the flea-market. I look forward to the spring, when I can visit the next flea-market in our park.
    I'm pleased you all like my scene!