Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2010


After three weeks odyssey from one doctor to another, from one examination to the other, a lot of stress and hope and frustration and hope again, I finally got my medicine, even if it is in an off-label-use and I have to pay it.
I feel totally good with it, I can hear everything I want and nothing else that could disturbe me. Now I'm eager to try it in my office and will go back to my job tomorrow.
I felt so relaxed after my last visit (for now) at the doctors - perhaps that was the reason that I discovered a very small shop for antiques I didn't know before. Oh, it was so small in it and so crowded, and the owner smoked the whole time and all the things smell like this. But it was fun, and I found this:
When you compare it to the 1:12 Miele washing machine you can see, that it is not good for a use in my dollshomes, but I felt I MUST have it. Perhaps I can sell it after a while for a good price?
I made a scene with Fran as an antiques-lover, and you can see that I found another flask cork (glass) which can be a flask for Fran or a lamp for my dollhouse.
But it is really a pity, that Fran cannot sit in another way like this:
So sad for her - and for me, I'm so limited through this. Hope you enjoy though!


  1. I'm happy, that you feel better, and that you hope again.
    Very nice item, you have found yesterday. Don't sell it, please, keep it for me :)

  2. Hurray! for your medicine. I hope it goes well at work :-)
    What a lovely little bath. And the postcard you have chosen goes with it perfectly! Fran looks very happy with her antiques - she is a lovely person, it is a pity that she can't sit except by doing the splits.

  3. Okay Bea, I promise: When I once go to the Riviera and Cannes and all this nice places of my childhood, I will put this bathtubecoffeemachine in my suitcase. Okay?

  4. I agree Rebecca, it's a pity! But perhaps I can make her an unitard and then all the thin girls - Barbie and Midge - will be staggered, because they cant do the splits.
    Thanks for your good wishes, I hope it goes out well, however it turns out.

  5. So great to hear you finally have got the medicine you wanted, and that it's already helping you!
    The little bath is lovely, and I agree with Rebecca that you have chosen the perfect postcard to go with it!

  6. Thank you Pubdoll. Yes, this medicine is helping within minutes.
    It's nice you like the art on the wall. It is no postcard - as usual - but I cutted it out of a magazine , imitates the famous drawing of NewYork and shows some places of interest in our region.