Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010

want some caribbean feeling? (sunshine award)

click on the foto to get a better quality

I'm so sick and tired of the winter, I want a bacardi-feeling right now.
No storm, no rain, no snow, no cold - only relaxing in the sun.
Hope you all who feel like this have a little moment of sunshine-feeling.
Once again I want to thank all you guys who give me the sunshine award.


  1. Hi Oese,
    it looks like our seaside, one more month and it will be like this. I'll make pictures for you, as soon as the first flowers are there. My trees are becoming their leaves, probably this week, and one more week, they will have flowers too.

  2. Oh you want to make me envious! I look forward to seeing the pics.

  3. I'm with you in this one! Save a seat for me!

  4. Thanks for the sunshiny scene! I really like your other photos on flickr too, especially the one looking outside to this scene through the open door - that really does feel like being on holidays :-)

  5. Aaaah....I wish those were my slippers! :-)

  6. Your creative style is amazing. To use your PC desktop for the background photo is just so cool. The possiblities of doing that are endless. Loved this post. Hope all is well with you. Thanks for stopping by my blog also. Appreciate your comments greatly.

  7. jaaaaaaaaaaaaa! tolle idee!!

    `tschuldigung auch, dass ich mich so lange nicht blicken ließ und auch noch verpaßt habe dir gute besserung zu wünschen!!! ich bin etwas eingespannt momentan und habe glatt überlesen, was für gesundheitlcher ärger dich plagt(e)... :( wieder besser? das kleine arrangement hilft bestimmt hilft bestimmt - ich höre die wellen rauschen und die möwen kreischen...

    lg, nicola

  8. Oh! Oese! its so beautiful!
    I can imagine kicking off my shoes and relaxing in the sunshine :-)

  9. I'm very pleased that you all like my illusion of a beach-scene. Hope everyone will have such nice holidays or relaxing weekends this summer!