Samstag, 27. März 2010

The visit of grandchildren

Yesterday I had a nice dvd-evening with a friend. We watched "The Nanny Diaries" and had a lot of fun. Before I found a few things in a charity-shop and used-toy-shop and she helped me to get the easter decoration out of the basket I had in mind as a basket for newspapers. It wasn't easy to get it off indeed! I would have destroyed it, if I'd tried it.
I finally found a needlepoint-work in a wooden frame, that I was looking for in the last month, I wanted to use it as a carpet and this one is perfect. I also found the mask on the wall, the grammophone, a necklace with the beads (vases) and some very tiny hello-kittys.

Because I don't want to make a nursery I decided to show you the tidy room of grandparents during the visit of their grandchildrens: The alcohol is banned from the table, something to eat and books everywhere and the toys on the carpet.
They hope the wonderful new carpet will stay clean.....


  1. Cool. Die Mini-Mini-Hello-Kittys sind der Hammer. Ich kann mich an solche Szenen in Aplerbeck nicht erinnern, nur in Neuhaus. Außer natürlich an Weihnachten oder so. Ach, irgendwie vermisse ich Neuhaus ja. Man könnte so schön jetzt auch mal ein Wochenende allein hinfahren, also Daniel und ich, oder Christoph mit Freunden. Na ja, genauso gut kann man sich wohl für ein Wochenende in einer Pension einnisten, wenn man die Miete hochrechnet. Darf ich sowas machen, während ich einen Krankenschein habe (die Stadt verlassen)? Es wäre der Gesundheit bestimmt förderlich...ich freu mich soooo auf Fehmarn im Mai, seufz. Hoffentlich wird es warm genug, um im Meer baden zu können.

  2. I love this room setting - such a beautiful view out the window, and a lovely view on the wall too. The grandparents look very well prepared for their grandchildren to visit! I love all the tiny Hello Kitties, and the bananas to hand on the table. It looks like they will all have a lot of fun during the visit :-)
    I just hope they go outside to play with the ball - the alcohol bottles have been put away, but there's still the glass lampstand, and the glass windows to worry about! And hopefully no banana will get squashed into the carpet - though it would tone in if it did!

  3. Lovely setting Oese! Where did you get that beautiful cut glass decanter? It is absolutely divine! Your beautiful glass table caught my eye too.

  4. Preciosa escena, me ha gustado mucho. Parece tan real. Felicidades

  5. Hi katimus, ja, z. B. das Foto von deinen Barbies auf dem Sofa. Die Hello Kittys hatte ich vorher auch noch nie gesehen, gabs im An-und Verkauf in Plerbeck. Ich glaube, es ist in einer Pension etwas anderes. Würde man nicht immer mit komischem Gefühl am Haus vorbeigehen? Liebe was Neues suchen. Und ich würde mich erkundigen, aber ich sage: Ja, unbedingt.

    Rebecca, you always watch so good, I love your way to look at my scenes. Often you are more thoughtful than I was while making it. Thank you so much.

    Lize, the decanter is plastic and I guess Bodo Hennig. It came with some Bodo-Hennig stuff like the sideboard. Glad you like it and glad it looks like glass indeed.

    Dora, estoy tan feliz con tus comentarios! Gracias y espero que estés bien y que te diviertas con tus miniaturas.
    Mis mejores deseos para ti!

  6. I love the grandparents room with the beautiful view and the bowl of flowers. I also have a box of toys like that in real life that I bring out when the grandchildren visit. They do make a mess but nothing that can't be picked up after. You have caught the atmosphere perfectly.

  7. Hi Doreen, there are some fotos of my parents house with the toys of my children all over all!
    Thank you for your compliment, I'm glad you like my room.
    I especially like the white and golden mask in this scene.
    have a nice weekend!