Samstag, 13. März 2010

What a wonderful surprise

Incredible what happens to me: I got a parcel with some pieces, the sender doesn't want anymore - as a gift. It was anounced to me, but I never thougt to receive such - handmade !!! - treasures.

I was really speechless.

Many thanks to my flickr-friend pinchofpepper, an awesome person!



  1. i bet it gave her as much pleasure giving these things to you as it did you receiving them - i know i hate throwing things away, i'd much rather find someone who'll enjoy them even though i don't anymore.

  2. ps: love the meerkat - he needs a good name, maybe linguini? ;)

  3. Fabulous for you. Love the whole scene here. Really cool little purse too. I bet you had great fun opening the parcel. Good things happen to good people. Hope your weekend is filled with good things Oese.

  4. I am so jealous of talented artisans! They look wonderful and I also really like your bedspread. The pattern in it looks just like quilting. Beautiful room. CM

  5. Great pieces! I love how you set the scene with the suitcase on the bed, getting ready to pack -or unpack. The handbag looks beautiful, and judging by its reflection in the mirror, so does the suitcase.

  6. What fun! You have set the room up so well!

  7. katimus, I put the meerkat there only for you. his name is timon, I like this name more than any pasta-names. he is part of the story "lion king".

    Amy, you are so sweet - I cannot believe what you say, because this week there happened very bad things to me at work, but I'm not a bad person... (hope so)
    But Thanks for your nice comment and wishes, that will help.

    Oh Flocke, this bedspread is just a cleaning-cloth, I use this microfiber-cloth for this, because it is more soft. Nice you like it.

    Hi Josje, the suitcase is great! I found it a while ago, it is meant for cosmetics. I would like to make a big journey far away!

    Glenda, thank you very much for your nice comment,I'm very pleased.

  8. Really lovely pieces, and what a nice surprise! Your friend is very talented - like you :-)

  9. hallo
    seit einer sehr langen Zeit , suche ich dass Puppenhaus das mich in meiner Kindheit fasinierte.
    Es war um 1965 in der BRIGITTE Weinachts nummer) meine Mutter lass die B). Dass Haus war ein modernes Haus dass die Zeitschrift später an einem Museum geshankt hat.
    Die Brigitte redaction in Hamburg haben leider versagt.....
    Hat jemand der dass grade liest eine Annung?Das würde mich enorme Freude machen es mall wieder zu sehen.
    Ich hoffe euch auch.

  10. Hallo Neomig, ich habe auch ein bisschen versucht, das Haus für dich zu finden, aber das ist sehr schwer. Wenn schon die Redaktion nichts machen kann....
    Es tut mir leid für dich. Vielleicht findest du es ja mal eines Tages zufällig. Die besten Puppenstubensammler sind Rebecca und MyRealitty, vielleicht haben sie das Haus auch gesehen.

    Alles Liebe für Dich!